Tips for Choosing Dining Chairs Online

The days of being stuck with dining chairs that strictly match a table are long gone. Modern dining chairs can allow you to add some personality to your dining space with bold choices or create a sophisticated style with a complementary design. Here we’ll explore how to buy dining chairs online to perfectly suit your specific needs.

Pick the Right Dimensions

While it may seem like all modern or contemporary dining chairs are the same size, this is not the case. So, you need to ensure that you pick dining chairs with the right dimensions. Generally, dining chairs should be 43 centimetres or more wide to ensure comfort, particularly if you want to do a lot of entertaining. Just remember that if you go wider or opt for dining chairs online with arms, they may be harder to fit around your table.

The optimum seat height is between 40 and 45 centimetres, but it is better to ensure that it is approximately 30 centimetres lower than the top of the table. This will help to make dining comfortable rather than feeling like you’re sitting at the kiddy’s table.

Consider the Design and Shape

You also need to choose the correct shape of dining chairs to suit your table. Generally, a round seat will not pair well with a rectangular or square table. However, a square or rectangular seat pads offer greater flexibility, as they work with any shape of the table. Remember that when your chairs are not in use, you will want them to be tucked neatly under the table, so if you have a smaller table, you may wish to avoid a chair design with chunky arms or other protrusions that may create difficulties.

Consider Functionality

Many of us find ourselves needing additional seating in other areas of the home, which is where buying contemporary dining chairs can be beneficial. It can be a good idea to choose dining chairs that will work in other areas of your home, so they can be used in the corner of your living room, in a hallway, study or bedroom. If you do need to use a chair in another area of your home, you will not only want it to look good but also be easy to move around your home.

Consider the Upholstery

Finally, it is a good idea to consider the material of your dining chairs. If you have pets or children, easy to clean dining chairs can be beneficial. You won’t want to have to spend hours cleaning spilt spaghetti sauce from white velvet upholstery after your toddler has enjoyed feeding his or herself. Of course, slipcovers are a possibility, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

3 Things I Hate About Cabin Decor

3 Things I Hate About Cabin Decor

Have you ever walked into someone’s cabin home, only to be disappointed by what you see? It either looks dark or dirty, or just too rustic? Well, in this article I am going to talk about my “least favorite” things about cabin decor, because “hate” is such a strong word…

The Dark – I definitely don’t like walking into a space and being bombarded by darkness. No, I’m not afraid of the dark. I just don’t like a dark room because it’s not very welcoming. And by dark, I just mean all the brown wood. Maybe I’m being a little melodramatic, but I just can’t stand the color brown everywhere. Brown can take over a room in a hurry. One reason I don’t like brown everywhere, is that there’s no contrast. It kind of makes me depressed. And two, there has to be other colors in the room, not just brown. And when I do have brown in a room, I actually prefer a lighter brown or whitewashed wood whenever possible. My point here is that a dark home isn’t very inviting. Suitable for a tavern maybe, but not a home! And since most cabins aren’t built with as many windows as regular houses, in a way to conserve energy, they tend to be a little darker. So, try to brighten up your cabin home with extra lighting, or painting the walls or floors a lighter color. They make light colored stains now, and people actually redo their flooring with this to brighten it up. I’ve seen it done, and it looks wonderful.

The Wood – It’s everywhere. Typical cabins are completely made of wood, with log walls, wood floors, wood paneling on the walls, wood trim on the windows, and usually wood furniture to top it off. Yes, I think wood is a natural, beautiful element when used properly, but when it is used in excess, it can be overpowering. It should be broken up with other materials, such as leather, steel, or iron, or simply by throwing a fleece blanket on your couch. Or if everything has to be made of wood, at least choose wood that’s different tones, or paint it different colors. For example, your wood floor could be a medium brown, and your couch could be a dark brown leather, and maybe the walls are a light grayish brown. Mix it up. If the interior walls of your cabin are the logs that it’s built with, just make sure there is plenty of back lighting, recessed cans, track lighting, or lamps. You can even add beautiful artwork in lighter colors to brighten up the space.

The Dirt – It’s everywhere! Because you live out in the country, the dirt is all around you. You are not in the concrete jungle anymore. And when you have to walk through all this dirt, mud, or sand to get to your house, it gets tracked inside. So, people that have cabins out in the boondocks typically have to be more diligent in sweeping up the dirt that can accumulate from people coming and going throughout the day. And depending on your flooring, it may get caught in the cracks if it’s hardwood floors. Maybe cabin owners should invest in a Roomba- an automatic robot vac. That may just be the most modern thing they have in their home!

I hope this article helps you understand some of the primary drawbacks in cabin design and how to overcome them. Any design challenge can be fixed, and with the proper know-how, you can have a beautiful, inviting cabin home!