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Pet Friendly Interior Design

07 May Pet friendly interior design
Posted at 19:07h in Design, Interior Design, Pets by Niki Schafer Share
Do you design your home around your pets?

This isn’t about who rules the roost in your home, it’s not a matter of princess pooches or your miniature king of the jungle. It’s an approach that looks at all members of the family – including those with four legs (or scales).

Most of my clients have animals. Fortunately, I’m happy to chat with them while their humans make me a cup of tea prior to our consultations. They don’t give much away but I think an animal owner appreciates this.

How dirty or smelly are your pets?

Let’s get to the nub of the matter. Some dogs trail in mud, some smell damp for hours after they’ve rolled in that muddy puddle, some are partial to fox poo and of course, cats are fond of bringing their humans gifts – in the form of dead birds. As designers, we have to cater to ALL our clients’ needs.

Where do you wash your dog? Does your cat litter sit in the middle of the room or in a special spot? How often do you clean out the fish tank? Do the guinea pig, hamster, or rabbits live in the playroom, the kids’ bedrooms or the garage?

I’m sure you have your own personal answer to these questions and that is the one we want to work with. We want to help you live with your animals in a way that pleases you. As designers, we want that to be hygienic, aesthetic and in keeping with the rest of the room and just right for the specific needs of your pet.

As a dachshund owner myself, I find that sofas and chairs have found footstools an easier mid-way level for him to jump up. He’s perfectly capable of the big leap but his back needs to be protected. We aren’t at the ramp stage as they seem rather cumbersome and overwhelm the room, but they might be something we consider in his old age. Believe me, I’ll make it good-looking!

Crates aren’t terribly attractive, but I’ve found a company (K9 Custom Crates) who will make a bespoke crate for your dog. They feel like they’re part of the room – rather than a small prison – and can give the dog the comfort and security that a crate provides.

Dog beds can be very attractive, some with all the pomp and ceremony of a traditional four-poster bed. Others use fabrics that aren’t just robust enough to house your canine but also will match your interior scheme. Try Hugo & Otto for some very dashing options.

Carpets are a careful consideration for those with pets (puppy training and new carpets are not a good mix). A white carpet is a dangerous choice but then again, a black carpet isn’t wise either. Dirt shows up much more easily on dark than you’d expect. The safe mid colourway choice is advisable or of course, vinyl – safe, wipeable vinyl. Wood floors can be scratched by dogs and stone floors can be cold under paw. Slippery surfaces can also be troublesome for the older dog who has lost his or her footing.

Sarah, who works with me, told me about her hamster hotel today. She chose it to match the nearby Bo Concept unit. And there you have it…. that’s why I hired her! Brilliant…

Inviting People Into Your Filthy Home

As a professional Home Inspector, I necessarily have to go into other peoples comes with the territory; it’s a foundational aspect of the job. You likely wouldn’t believe, though, the condition in which some of these houses are maintained. You likely couldn’t possibly fathom the degree of filth and squalor that presents itself inside some of these houses. In fact, to say that some of these I use the word homes loosely in those fairly rare subject actually maintained at all might be somewhat of a stretch of one’s realistic imagination. Read more about house cleaning toronto.

Now, let me set the record straight forthrightly…I’m surely not referring to the vast majority of homes. On the contrary, most homes that I have the occasion to enter are well-maintained; it’s obvious that it is someone’s home. It’s obvious that someone actually lives in the house and takes pride in their abode. Let me also state that I don’t consider myself a prude and that I, myself, am a responsible pet owner who loves most all creatures. So, no cries of prejudice or to a lack of sensitivity, please; such cries will fall on deaf ears.
When I have the occasion to visit a house, it’s usually because someone has expressed a distinct interest in purchasing that house and has signed an Offer to Purchase Contract to do just that. But sometimes, when I walk through the front door, I can only wonder why there is any interest from anyone at all. A case of the heebie-jeebies sets in; an eerie gloom casts its shadow upon the scene. An unnatural pallor arrives upon the faces of all those present. I silently ask myself why in this beautiful world would anyone want to purchase the sty-like place into which I have just immersed myself? And, where I’m contractually obligated to stay immersed for the next 2 – 4 hours, I might add.
As a Home Inspector, it’s most definitely not my job to point fingers or to cast blame for any of the myriad of reportable conditions that I might discover. Likewise, for the most part anyway, I have no reserved place, in the Home Inspection report, for the reporting of dirty conditions. But, let’s be honest here; some things just can’t be over-looked or readily ignored. There are a few things that nobody should have to experience and some things that we just simply shouldn’t have to avoid if we enter your domicile:
Clean Or Replace The Carpeting – It shouldn’t be readily obvious that your Iggy The Iguana is the primary occupant; there’s nothing worse than being initiated into the home with a big whiff of pet urine.

Do Your Dishes – It’s not pleasant to observe 2 weeks worth of crusty dishes in the scum pond commonly and usually recognizable as the kitchen sink. Using the dishwasher would be a good starting point.

Pick Up Your Undies – There’s probably no really good reason to leave 2 weeks worth of unwashed undies on the bathroom floor or hung over the rim of the bathtub…really!

Clean Up After Your Dog – Nobody wants to have to skirt the land mines in the back yard just to walk around a little; and we know what happens when we step on, or into, one of those cone-shaped, pooch-generated mines, right? Poof! Instant vaporization of the human form! If the land mines are on the living room floor , never mind!

Exterminate The Pests – Infestations of roaches are bad enough, agreed? But, if fleas are jumping onto your clothing while you are walking across the living room ‘s just Yech, with a capital I don’t care who you are!

So, with my tongue partially, I say, partially planted in my cheek, don’t invite people into a dirty, filthy home. the love of all things sane and some house-cleaning. If you exert a little time and effort to clean it up, it’ll show better, it might fetch a few extra dollars in the sales price, and you’ll spare your visitors the embarrassment of contracting a case of the dreaded heebie-jeebies. Poof!

Important Safety Measures to Remember When Installing a Generator

We all know the essentiality of having a generator in our homes and offices as a back-up measure during times of power blackout, interruption, or abrupt failure in electric flow. Investing in new generators sometimes cost a fortune, financial drainage that many people tend to avoid. However, it is possible to find yourself used generators in good technical and mechanical health and install them in your space without spending exuberant money. One thing that must be remembered when looking for used generators for sale in the UK is that all the application and functional specifications must be checked by an expert before the installation in order to maintain electrical compatibility, resourceful functionality, and its technical specifications against the power consumption of your space. Once all these prerequisites and marked fine, your compliance with getting a generator is just a step away.

Sometimes with a wrong system, there are many associated risks of an exponential increase in electric bills, carbon monoxide or smoke emissions, system breakdowns, everything that adds up to sabotaging the performance of your existing appliances. Just as the beneficial advantages of a generator holds a revolutionary ground to optimize electric supply use and its feasibility, the downsizing factors are also important to keep in mind to eradicate any indoor hazard. The pros of a generator in your home or office space outlives its cons that can be easily avoided with little knowledge, help from an expert, and abiding by a few safety measures ensuring efficient power supply all throughout the day.

• Installation of generators must always be done outside

One of the first and foremost pointers to remember is that a generator should never, ever be installed inside home premises. Irrespective of whether it is a brand new model or a used one, every generator has a tendency to emit carbon monoxide and smoke during an overload or malfunction. If such a circumstance occurs indoors, it puts everyone at a risk and in case of an abrupt escalation of the same, the dangers are sometimes hard to curb. Install your generator outdoors at a minimum distance of 20 feet from the building to circumvent any factors of jeopardy.

• Keep an eye on any possible fire hazards

Sometimes due to excessive heating or smoke emission, inflammable items like generator fluids should be kept away at a distance from the machinery, preferably in non-glass safety vessels. It is also advisable to keep appliances that use fuels be kept away from the premises of the generator.

• Invest in an alarm

It is not always possible to detect smoke or carbon monoxide emission right away and even if you come to know of it, it might be too late. Getting a carbon monoxide alarm alongside your generator is indispensable to avoid any hazardous circumstance for you, your family or colleagues.

• The 3 feet rule

Generators mostly stay heated up due to excessive functional load that can result in instantaneous gas emission. If someone walks into the perimeter of a generator under such conditions, he or she is prone to injury or burn. Always remember to maintain this minimum distance and give your machinery a cool down time after every use to prevent frequent and exponential overheating.

• Lookout for any frayed chords

Discard any safety risk or functional disability by changing frayed chords frequently. This way, you not only save big bucks on the maintenance but also make sure the generator is functioning smoothly.

• Annual maintenance schemes

Even without any major or conspicuous issue, get your generator tested with annual maintenance schemes. This way, any small discrepancy that might add up to a huge potential breakdown can be avoided and your financial territories are also taken care of. Get value added benefits just by investing a small amount in the maintenance plans by making sure everything is up and running.

5 Reasons to Include Smart Irrigation with Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Mainstreet Equity Corp (MEQ-TSX) is a publically traded company based in Calgary, AB. Mainstreet provides boutique apartment rentals at an affordable price.

When they think about their favourite garden ideas, many people focus purely on the plant selection, overall layout, and the specific features. However, a great deal of time should be spent on working out your irrigation system, which will be a crucial element underlying the whole garden. This is particularly true if you want a low maintenance lawn and a smart irrigation system would be a great way to keep your grass looking lush.

1. Consider Smart Irrigation

An average homeowner could spend 70 hours maintaining their lawn and $690 per year on lawn care. That is a significant amount of time and money, so any steps that we can take to reduce those figures should be welcomed. This is where a smart irrigation Perth system can help, and you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your lawn.

2. Lower Your Bills

A smart irrigation system can be far more efficient in how much water you use and how it’s used on your garden and lawn. This will cut down your water use and lower your water costs. The sensors in a smart reticulation system can sense if it’s raining and monitor the amount of moisture present in your soil. So, you can say goodbye to unnecessary watering in the middle of a rainstorm.

3. Predicting Local Weather Conditions

The smart irrigation system will be able to take advantage of data gathered about local weather predictions for your area. We’ve already mentioned that it will turn off automatically when it rains, but it also goes beyond that. The system will actually reschedule any required watering based upon the amount of rain that fell. This fantastic feature will ensure that your lawn and garden isn’t watered twice and this is another way that your water bills will be lowered.

4. Reducing Water Storage Requirements

Transporting and storing water in and around your property can be a real annoyance. This is particularly true if you have a larger garden and you can quickly become overwhelmed with hoses and nozzles. Keeping everything organised and tidy can become a part time job in itself, and anything that can reduce this workload should be welcomed with open arms. When you have a smart irrigation system, you use less water, and this means that you need to store less water. This can add up to significant saving throughout the year, and it could even lower your property taxes.

5. Simpler Gardening

Many of us have a garden to enjoy during our spare time and/or as a little hobby because we like to see things grow. However, when you have a traditional watering setup, gardening can easily turn into a constant schedule of micro-managing boring tasks. Did you turn off the sprinklers accidently? Do you need to run out and turn the sprinklers off because it started raining? All of these little concerns really add up, and they can turn a pleasant pastime into an annoyance. A smart irrigation system can handle many of these tasks automatically allowing you to enjoy your garden again.

If they are looking for great landscaping ideas Perth, homeowners should contact us at Luke’s Landscaping for expert help.

MIG Welding Tricks and Special tips for proper safety

To ensure successful welding; here I share some special MIG welding tricks. This guideline is beneficial for beginner workers.

Even, this is an excellent instructive guide for the pro-workers.
Cause, here I unveil a couple of techniques for an active metal joining process.

Here is the way:

1. Know the striking arc system:

A. For a proper strike: your first condition is cleaning the material. It will help you to make a sound contract with the object. Otherwise, it can contaminate the entire task.
B. Make sure the wire is less sticky.
C. Pull out the torch trigger. (when the shielding gas becomes flowing)
D. Make a connection with the base metal (Use a side-swipe formation)
E. Fix the torch is a safer distance.

2. The difference between pull and push welding:

When the torch is behind the object; it is called pushing. The different system is known as pushing. Though there is a confusion which one is best; I think: both of these 2 methods are quite the same and competent enough.

However, the pulling process is suitable for heavy-duty or thicker metals. On the other hand, you can follow the pushing method for thinner items.

3. Determine the welding position:
Selecting a position is a big issue. It regulates the effectiveness and a good result 60 % depends on these criteria.

Several studies show that the flat position is the best one and highly effective. Also, it makes the work comparatively more comfortable and faster too.

Also, it gives you ultimate shield protection. Moreover, the vertical, horizontal and many other positions are also followed.
(Note: Based on the metal thickness; you have to change the movement and attachment)

4. Spatter and nozzle attachment:

Emphasize on:
A. Feeding wire
B. How to feed gas
C. Accurate placement

Make sure you quickly feed the wire. Check the nozzle tip to ensure the splatter clearance.

Even, you can get the weld splatter attachment for more efficiency. Also, focus on the spool placement.

5. Wire setting system:

GMAW is typically applied in the industrial purpose. Cause, it is capable of carrying out heavy-duty tasks in the fastest way and provides super accuracy.

Below, the most usable MIG wires for carbon steel welding projects:

A. ER70S-7
B. ER70S-6
C. ER70S-5
D. ER70S-4
E. ER70S-3
F. ER70S-2

(Note: Among all of these six types the most common one is ER70S-6)

6. Wire difference:
A. .023: small machines.
B. .030: gauge metals.
C. .035: metal up to 3/16″.
D. .045: metal ¼ inches and over.

7. Others:
A. Torch and angel distance
B. Emphasize on the paddle attachment
C. Keep the working area clean
D. Select a suitable place for welding

Special tips for proper safety:

You must take adequate safety kits.

A. Welding lens:
It helps to protect your eyes from dust and excess flame. Also, you will get proper accuracy. The best welding lens in the market are:

1. Shade 11 – Techniweld Armour Guard Seer Auto Darkening Welding Lens 2 x 4
2. Antra AH7-860-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Antti X60-8 Jumbo Viewing Size
3.78″X3.5″ Variable Shade 4/5-9/9-13 Great for TIG MIG MMA Plasma
3. Antra AH6-660-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Large Viewing 3.86X2.50″ Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13 Engineered for TIG MIG/MAG MMA Plasma Grinding, Solar-Lithium Dual Power, 6+1 Extra Lens Covers
4. YESWELDER Large Viewing Screen True Color 4 Arc Sensor Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Wide Shade 5/9-13 for TIG MIG Arc Weld Grinding Welder Mask
5. Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Professional Hood with Wide Lens Adjustable Shade Range 4/9-13 for Mig Tig Arc Weld Grinding Welder Mask

B. Welding gloves:
It helps to cover your palm and forearm from flame and sparking.

The best welding gloves are:

1. Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Glove

2. Tillman Medium Pearl Top Grain Cowhide Gloves

3. Tillman 24D Top Grain Pearl Kidskin TIG Glove with 2″ Cuff
4. Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch One Size Fits All Genuine American Deerskin Welding Glove
5. US Forge 403 18-Inch Extra Length Welding Gloves
6. Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Glove

C. Others:
Also, you should need a quality helmet, portable-friendly bags, manual guide, etc.

Different Types of Flooring Services Presented

Reinstalling, replacing, or even laying flooring for the first time is something that can confuse a lot of builders and DIY workers. After all, there’s so much in terms of floor types and all of them have their own pros and cons. So make sure that you know a thing or two about the flooring you want to have installed, and the different options you have available.

Hardwood flooring is typically the first thing that many people go for when they want to upgrade their old carpet or tiles into something new. They are beautiful, relativity easy to lay down, and fit a wide range of styles for every homeowner. You can find hardwood floor planks to fit down on any and every type of floor, and some places will even cut the planks to your exact specifications.

There are two further types of wood-type flooring; laminate and engineered wood. Engineered wood is wood that is designed to look like natural hardwood, while also engineering out some of the hardwood’s weaknesses. Basically, the wood is like a layer cake, where several pieces of unfinished wood make up the bottom part of the layer to give the wood strength as well as resistance to water. Then a layer of natural wood rests on top, giving the entire floor the look of natural hardwood.

Engineered wood is less expensive that true hardwood while also allowing the material to resist water and warping damage. Laminates are the same way, made up of several layers that help to resist moisture. Then the top layer is designed to look better and like real wood. Unlike engineered wood, however, laminated wood has a protective layer that is laminated to the top, in order to provide additional protection.

Think of it like laminating a piece of paper, where you can still see the paper underneath, but also have the laminate to act as a shield. Engineered wood can look like any type of wood, and to a casual observer, will look exactly like hardwood. Aside from a slight gloss, you really won’t be able to tell the difference between engineered, laminate and the real hardwood flooring.

The cost of getting the flooring in the GTA varies significantly between the floor types with laminate being the least expensive, often several dollars less per square foot than engineered wood, so depending on the size of the flooring, Toronto renovators will have to make a choice on which wood to use.

Both sets of wood do not trap dust or allergens and are both smooth enough to be wiped or swept clean without too much trouble. For deep cleans, the flooring will need to be cleaned with special products and a little extra effort, so keep that in mind while choosing the flooring from Brampton or Toronto home improvement stores. You’ll be cleaning it with elbow grease more often than not, but the beauty and homey feel it will give your house should more than make up for all the extra work.

6 Reasons To Get The Office Floors Stripped And Waxed

It does not matter to us which kind of floor is important. The types of floor are significant for the people who have interesting kind of office accessories and want their place to look unique every day. Would you want the tiles to appear old and grouchy when someone enters your temperature? We have to look ahead for the happy days that are more determined by safety and confidence from some of the employees. A person does not have to hate the management if they intend to leave the building. There are certain ways that make us a successful person in front of the management if you love the place and do not want to leave the gorgeous floors. Here are some of the most amazing benefits of hiring a floor stripping and waxing service in Atlanta GA.

1. Office appearance determines business success

The glossier and pretty your office looks, the more successful you appear to your rivals. Giving out an image of threat will maximize your interest in the business and share the message that you are not going to fail that easy.

2. A new look for the boring place

Making the whole office look like a new place just after many people have accepted the old appearance and got used to it. This will make the workplace look more attractive and interesting.

3. Preserving the actual floor

Saving the real floor surface is only possible when you understand the type of floor and realize that what kinds of material will serve the purpose. The waxed layer on the top will make the life of your floor longer and you can easily get the process done again in case you feel like having a dull surrounding again.

4. Lesser expenses

When we look at the thing around us in an office, floors are the main and most expansive element of the office. You can easily move to the next level of décor if the floor is being waxed in less money than you expected.

5. A good environment for the employees

Keep people happy and motivated by these small changes. A great looking work environment makes the people feel like they are worth more and deserve to work in a shiny glossy office. It has been studied that minor changes in the workplace keep the people interested in what they are doing for a longer period.

6. Some basic don’t of the field

While working on the process of stripping and waxing, you need to understand that some of the things are completely avoided to maintain a healthy lifestyle and constant happiness. Some of the things that we need to care about are:

• Ignoring the appropriate sealing material for the roof
• Less use of sensitization products on the floor where someone was working
• Need to use the protective gear to avoid any injuries.
• Take smaller steps and do not start with a challenging area in the office
• Don’t be hasty about applying a various number of quotes.
• Replacing the old school drying equipment with a vacuum cleaner.

Hopefully, the discussion will guide you the next time you would want to get a stripping and waxing a floor job.

The Causes Of Slips, Trips, And Falls.

It is a fact that the major causes of accidents at work are slips, trips, and falls. They can cause everything from minor bruising to broken legs and arms, and on occasion can be fatal. Statistics show that the majority of accidents occur when the floor surface is contaminated in some way with water, oil and grease, other liquids, and even talcum powder: all these can add severely to the danger of slips and falls.

The floor surface can also cause slips and trips. Slips can occur on some floor surfaces which are simply inherently slippery as a result of their composition. Other floor surfaces may be worn, or have had cuts or grooves put into them, perhaps by moving heavy machinery about. That kind of surface that is uneven can result in trips and the only answer is to replace the floor surface, or perhaps grind it down so that there is nothing over which to trip.

Equally, trips can occur simply as a result of objects being left lying where they should not be, and where they might not be expected to be. Unfortunately, some people just don’t look where they are going and may trip over an object that is perfectly visible to other people. For example, someone may have dropped a lipstick, which is not very big but can very easily cause a serious fall if trodden on. This means that unexpected objects should never be left on the floor at any time: they should be picked up and put safely away or into storage where they can do no harm.

Other causes of slips and trips on floors can be poor cleaning, leaving a residue behind on the floor. Cleaning can also leave a wet residue which can cause slips, so areas that have been cleaned should be cordoned off until they are dry again. Another cause can be the weather: wet weather can cause people to track in rainwater or mud, and in autumn leaves blowing about may enter as the door is opened.

Still another factor can be the type of footwear worn. Brand new shoes with leather soles, for instance, can be very slippery until the sole has been ground down a bit.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 requires floors to be suitable, in good condition and free from obstructions. No two floors are ever exactly the same since, even if they are made of the same material, they will have different levels of traffic, and different uses will also have different effects on a floor’s surface.

Slip resistance of some floor surfaces can be modified by applying anti-slip coatings and anti-slip tapes. There are a number of different anti-slip coatings that can be applied to a floor, dependent on the type of floor surface. It may also be possible to modify a floor surface by grinding it down or using shot-blasting.

Of course, there are some actions that are simple to take which can help to ensure a floor surface remains safe. The simple placing of a mat in front of a door can prevent people tramping in rainwater from outside.

Of course, one problem is that many business owners do everything that they can to keep their floor safe but may simply be unaware of the inherent safety of the material of which the floor is constructed. Fortunately, there is a very simple slip resistance test which can be carried out to determine the level of safety of a floor. This is called a Pendulum Test and involves the use of a small piece of equipment which will produce a figure on a sliding scale. What the test does is to mimic the action of a heel striking the floor surface. If the reading is 36 or above, then the floor is regarded as safe. If it is below 36 then it is not safe, and action needs to be taken.

There are a number of different anti-slip products which can be applied to a floor surface to bring it up to a safe standard, and indeed considerably above the 36 level. The exact type of product to be used can be determined by the manufacturers.

Of course, even with an anti-slip product applied, it has to be remembered that traffic over time will cause wear, so it may be necessary to repeat the coating every so often, depending on the use to which the floor is put.

The Pendulum Friction Test – Things You Should Know

Do you own a business? If so, you are probably in need of pendulum friction testing for your floors. This is a type of slip resistance test that is crucial if you want to save yourself from costly lawsuits and wish to provide a safe environment for all your employees.

The pendulum test is an exclusive slip resistance test that is accepted by the UK courts in terms of slip accidents. With this method of testing, you will be able to gauge whether your floor is dangerous or safe, or if it requires slip coating application or an anti-slip treatment.

What is the pendulum friction test?

The pendulum friction test assesses and analyses the friction offered by a floor surface when it comes in contact with a foot. The test can measure slip potential of wet, dry and contaminated flooring. Business owners can avail the services of professionals to conduct on-site testing on the area or areas where they had a slip or send a sample to the experts.

How does the test work?

A pendulum friction test is conducted by a swinging arm that passes over an area of the floor. The pendulum test machine has a rubber slider at the end of the arm and this slider strikes and sweeps along the floor over a pre-decided distance. In case the arm is released without the touching the floor, the arm will swing from horizontal to horizontal, without any friction. But, once the arm strikes the floor, the arm is decelerated due to friction and it swings less far.

The pendulum test machine is simplistic, however, operators need to have formal training in order to operate it. Without proper training, accurate and reliable slip ratings cannot be obtained.

Why use this slip resistance test?

As aforementioned, the pendulum test is the only slip resistance test that the UK courts recognise. Also, this test is recommended by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). It is the only test that is used in enforcement, as well as, prosecution. By making sure that you pass this test, you can prove to the authorities, lawyers and insurance companies that you are providing a safe floor environment. This test can be used for your protection in case you are taken to court for claims of slip accidents.

Are there any standard sliders?

There are 2 basic sliders, known as slider 55 and slider 96. Slider 55 represents barefoot, whereas, slider 96 is a representation of the pedestrians wearing footwear.

How is the pendulum test measured?

The pendulum’s arm has a pointer that shows a pendulum test value or PTV. There are 3 slip-potential categories – high (0 to 24), medium (25 to 35) and low (36+).

What does PTV mean?

The PTV refers to an approximate risk to slip accidents. For instance, a PTV of 19 will have an accident risk of one in two whilst a PTV of 36 will have an accident risk of 1 in about 1,000,000.

In several environments, a PTV of more than 26 in dry and wet conditions is considered to be the HSE benchmark. If your floor/floors do not achieve 36+, you might find yourself liable to enhanced accident risk, a hefty fine and poor claims defensibility under the sentencing guidelines of health & safety.

So, therefore, it is highly recommended that you carry out periodic pendulum friction test for your floor. Regular testing will make sure that the slip resistance of your floor is high on an ongoing basis. In the event that the slip resistance test deems your floor unsafe, the logical next step would be to get the floor/floors anti-slipped by using one of the varieties of non-slip coatings or the available anti-slip treatments. If you want more information, speak to a professional.

The Benefits of Buying Designer Furniture Online

If you’ve ever walked into someone’s home to find that they have the same furniture as you, then it may be time to consider buying designer furniture online. While mass-produced furniture may look nice, it can be far less special when you know so many other people have it. So, here we’ll explore the benefits of buying designer or luxury furniture in Melbourne.

Unique Pieces

One of the most obvious benefits of buying designer furniture online is that you can seek out a unique piece for your decor. Visitors to your home will immediately notice how beautiful your furniture is rather than it blending into the background. This special moment will happen when you have visitors or when you return home yourself as you notice your piece of furniture and how different it is all over again.


When you buy mass made furniture at your typical furniture store, you’re likely to find that the quality is okay at best. While these items are made to look nice, the priority is often producing them at lower and lower costs, which compromises quality. This means that they tend not to last long and most of the pieces will lack the fine details that can take them to a superior level. Spending a little more means that your furniture is sure to last longer and look better with age.

Making a Design Statement

When you have a designer piece of furniture inside your home, you can be sure of making a design statement instead of allowing your furnishings to blend into the background. The designs of tables, chairs, and couches tend to be far more intricate and special with a designer piece. You’ll also have the choice between classic, traditional styles and more contemporary, modern styles. Designers provide a large variety of options, making it easier to choose the style that will work best with your decor and home ambiance.

It’s All in the Details

When you’re planning interior design, the small things can make a massive difference. A great piece of furniture has detailing that makes it far more elaborate to add character to your decor. Additionally, you’ll be able to tell the difference in the materials. The materials used to produce designer furniture tends to feel and look nicer to further create that luxury look.

Long Lasting

When buying luxury or designer furniture in Australia, you’ll notice that they tend to offer a long lasting finish. With a little care and attention, you can almost guarantee that your furniture will continue to look great in the years to come. This makes it far better to spend a little more initially. The quality, style, and finish of designer furniture is well worth the premium you can expect to pay.

If you are interested in buying designer furniture in Australia, be sure to visit James Said. They offer a wide variety of designer furniture online, and you’ll find their team of interior designers very helpful and ready to answer any queries to help you to find the perfect piece for your home.